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Hi, My name is Caroline Houchens, and I'm an interventionist here at JCE.  Because of the current COVID -19 quarantine, I have posted some resources you can access at home to help your child with his or her reading and math skills.  Feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns you may have.  Also, I'm more than happy to set up a phone or video conference with you. My virtual office hours are from 1pm until 3 pm each week day.  During this time, I will be available to respond to email, conduct phone or video conferences, and post resources. Please read my newsletter for this week's practice ideas. Keep in mind that these are simply suggestions to supplement your child's grade level resources and not required.


Wednesday and Thursday's Field Trips

I apologize for not posting yesterday's field trip. I had some technical difficulties. Therefore, I have 2 field trips for you to explore today!  Enjoy!

This is a field trip to Washington, DC. It covers 5 major areas of importance in the city and the pictures are beautiful! Time 15:53

This is a fun field trip to Marine Land Dolphin Adventure in St. Augustine, FL. Time 18:29


Tuesday's Field Trip: The American Revolutionary War Museum

This is a really neat field trip. It is about the new American Revolutionary War Museum in Philadelphia. However, it is hosted by Lauren Tarshis, the author of the I Survived book series. She has written a book on the American Revolutionary War and she takes us through some of the museum and talks about what she used as facts in the book. Time 24:52


This Week

Hi Parents,
It's officially the last week of virtual learning!  Instead of posting resources and a newsletter this week, I will only be posting virtual field trips each day!  It is meant to be a fun way for your child to experience some very cool places while we are stuck at home.  
Finally, even though things are wrapping up, I strongly encourage you to continue to work with your child for a short period of time each day this summer...nothing complicated...just reading together or playing a fun math game...continuing iReady...playing a learning game on the computer...30 minutes or so a day tops.  It will just help to keep them fresh on skills.  Plus, many of the resources linked on my webpage are free throughout the summer.
Thank you for working with your child at home.  I know it has not been an easy task, but I really appreciate the investment you've made in your child's education. 

FUN Multiplication Game- Salute!

Here is a fun way your child can practice his or her multiplication fact fluency. All you need is 3 people and a deck of cards :).

New Resources

Check out these two new resources you can use with your child at home!
The first resource is 95%, a phonics based resource we use in intervention.  They have made their resources available for free at home use.  The program is scripted, and the materials and routines should be familiar to your child. 
The second is a resource called TCM (Teacher Created Materials). They have numerous resources across multiple subjects and grade levels and are offering them for free!  
Happy Learning!  Let me know if you have any questions.