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Welcome to Physical Education at JCE!

PE Time!
I will be uploading fun videos that the kids can do at home! Do not hesitate to get into the fun with them!



2 sports students have asked all year that we learn is Volleyball and Tennis! Here are some ways you can learn at home!

Homemade Baseball/Kickball/Softball games!

Baseball, Kickball, and Softball are all on my curriculum to teach towards the end of the year. Many students have asked me if we can learn these games, so here is a way you can learn them at home too!

Waddle Races! OPENPHYSED

This is a great resource for P.E. at home! I love this game because it is a way to get some chores done around the house, but in a fun way!

Sock Squats with Corey!

This is a great game to get kids moving with equipment around the house! If you want to get really creative, you could make this game into a cleaning game as well! Have a clothes basket instead of a trashcan, and put a pile of clean clothes next to you. Take a shirt, for example, fold it, do 10 squats (or another exercise in place of squats if you need to), and run it to the clothes basket! Tidy the house up in no time while having fun!

2 Square with Mr. Reese!

One thing I plan for the end of the year is to teach "playground games". This is a game called 2 square, but if you have more than 2 people you can play up to 6 square! Just make sure the lines section off 2-6 squares that are touching! Make sure the ball bounces once in your own square before sending it to the next square! Great game!

Kids Daily Workout

Great kids workout! This is an amazing page for younger students to do real workouts to strengthen and tone their muscles! Kids can workout too, don't you know!

Mr. Reese/Floor is Lava!

Mr. Caleb Reese was my mentor in college! He is goofy, fun, and loves Physical Education! He has hilarious videos that will get your kids exercising, and also playing games they would play in P.E. at school right in your own living room! I recommend subscribing to his channel to be able to see his videos and activities!

Cosmic Kid Yoga

Yoga is really good to do after a workout or even a big play session to be able to cool down and get your heart pumping normal again! Cosmic Kid Yoga is mainly for K-2, but can be used for anyone with an imagination!

PE with Joe!

Joe is an intense PE teacher who loves kids and loves working out. He is doing daily workouts on his Youtube channel, and I recommend subscribing to him to see all his videos! This is his first one, and I love it!

PE at HOME Resources

This guy goes by the nickname "PE Specialist" because he has great ideas and knows many resources for Physical Education. In this video he gives many activities and resources for activities that your kiddos, and/or you and your kiddos, can do at home.