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I'm Cindy Dickerson and I am the media specialist here at John Colemon.
Dear Students, 
I miss seeing all of you at school.  I hope that you are doing some great reading during our time off. When we get back to school we can share our favorite books, poems and activities. I will provide you with some different resources that you and the family can enjoy together.  
Virtual Office Hours  8am - 3pm

Make Reading A Part of Your Family Time!

Family time is so important.  Why not make reading part of this valuable time with your kids?

Here are some tips for integrating reading into our daily family activities.

*  Read bedtime stories.

*  Play a board game.

*  Read a recipe and cook something yummy together!

*  Put your child in charge of reading the grocery list at the store.




Ways to Read to Someone


1.  I read, You read.

(different books)


2.  Seesaw Reading

(same book, different pages)


3.  Echo Reading

(same book, same page)


4.  Read in One Voice 

(Same page at same time)


5.  Retell the story

Who? Where? What? When?


(Block, 2003) quote

Every student who brings in 25 boxtops can pick a wonderful prize from the media center.



What kind of pet or pets do you have or would like to have?


Draw a special picture of you and your pet.

Write a story of an adventure that you and your pet have been on.

If you don't have a pet write all the reasons you should have a pet for your parents.


Think about books that are about pets like:

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Pete the Cat

Frog and Toad

Harry the Dirty Dog

The Cat in the Hat






Free Access to ebooks from Lightbox.

Over 1000 PreK - 12 titles in science, social studies, language arts, math and more.


Go to:


In the Location box, it says "Any Location" 

Do not change.


In the School box, enter "Follett eLearning, 

McHenry, IL" and click GO.


To log in, click on the "Log in" button at the top right of the screen.


Username: guest

Password: follett






Goodnight with Dolly
Weekly Video Series
Parton's Imagination Library Youtube channel
6pm CST