Welcome To Art 21-22

Hello Artists!
I hope you have been as busy as I have creating art over the summer.  I also hope you are well rested, rejuvenated, and ready to learn. 
Don't forget that even though you are in the same art class, with the same teacher, you are learning new things.  We do not grow by repeating the same skills, techniques and lessons over and over from year to year.  Practicing those skills and techniques is what helps you get better.
If you find yourself having to quarantine during any day that you would be coming to art class if you were at school, I would like for you to go to https://www.artforkidshub.com/ and choose ANY lesson you find interesting!  Remember, you are on your own for this one so you CAN pause the video anytime you need a moment to make changes.  I just ask that you take a picture of your artwork (once you are completely finished with it) and please send it to me through Dojo!  This is the way I will be able to monitor what you are doing, if you are making progress in your skills, and offer you feedback.
As always, just reach out to me if you need anything.
Mrs. Bryant